My Lotion, Body Spray, Candles and Aroma Tarts DO NOT Taste as good as they smell.  
YES, People have actually tasted them because of how good they smell.  
Help Keep the Bugs away with my custom scent called
It's available in the Lotion and Body Spray!
I came up with a scent that Customers say it works fantastic at
Mosquitoes, Flies, Horseflies, and Sweat Bees.  
No Deet and smells great.   My family and I use it, and I carry it with
me at all times.    It's the scent that repels them, not the ingredients in
the lotion & spray.   The spray can be misted on fabric, skin, and hair.  
Sandy - Super Lotion -  cell - 314-607-3098   *  Cedar Hill, MO  63016
www.superlotion.net           www.superlotionstore.com
SuperLotion Ships to USA residents only.
Orders and Prizes are taking a little longer for me to get done and mailed for the time being,
because of major health issues.  On Jan. 30th, 2014, I learned that I had 4 lesions on my brain and was told
that I had Secondary Brain Cancer.  They said they  HAD to find out what kind of cancer I had, so I had brain surgery/biopsy
on Feb 4, 2014   It Turned out, that I had a rare BiLateral stroke (2 on each side of my brain) and I have some
impairments that I have to deal with from the strokes and brain surgery.   
SO, Please be patient when waiting for your order / prize to be mailed.
I ALWAYS add extras to orders!
Thank you


I make aroma tarts, candles, lotion, air fresheners and body spray etc.,
It gives me something to do,  to help distract me from  the severe, 24/7 chronic pain of Fibromyalgia
and other major health issues.

I can't use everything I make and my health won't allow me to turn this into a business, so I give away about
80 - 90% of the items I make, in the form of Prize Packs.  I am doing this because I love making others happy
and it is how I keep my sanity when I hurt so bad.   And (lol), so that the items I make don't take over my home
and drive hubby out.  (lol, too late, they have taken over already)   
Money made through sales enable me to get supplies and pay for postage so that I can mail out prize packs.   
Orders will ALWAYS be processed first.  Please, feel free to text me or email me if you have any questions.
You are welcome to call me, but please be aware that because of the strokes, my speech is impaired.
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We need God back in this world and in our lives.
Remember that Jesus LOVES you.
I love Jesus and accept him into my heart.   
I believe that Jesus died for my sins and yours.
And I believe that he ROSE again.
I pray that he is in your heart also.
May God bless you and your family.
I love my Rockin Residual biz!!!!
I don't usually get excited about Network marketing, because Superlotion
is so important to me, even tho I don't make a profit with it, I just love
making and giving away my goodies.   BUT, I REALLY believe we have hit a
GOLD mine in Rockin Residual which means we will be able to help a lot
more people succeed in life!   AND I can give away a LOT more goodies.